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Mushroom rice

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

This is my easy-go mushroom rice recipe that I m going to share here with you all.
These recipes are made only with a handful of pantry staples. You can have this mushroom rice in the next no time.

This delicious mushroom rice is a perfect side dish for both weeknight and family gatherings.

Made in one pot, this simple and tasty mushroom rice will be going one of your new favorite side dishes. and it is so easy to make so that's the perfect recipe for your busy weeknights.

It is also great for when you have last minutes for unwanted guests.


Let's talk about the main ingredients;

  • Mushrooms: I used oyster and button mushrooms ( white and brown both ). But you can use whatever you have on hand or whatever you can find. Only white button mushrooms also work wonderfully as well.

  • Rice: Used any long grain rice or brown will work also. or you can even make these recipes any kind of leftover plain cooked rice.


Tips for this recipe: Do not rush the sauteeing process of mushrooms. The more caramelized they are the more flavor they release.


Now let us jump straight into the recipe :


Oyster mushroom

White button mushroom

Brown button mushroom

Cooked rice

Chili oil

Soy sauce

Schezwan chili paste

Salt to taste

Garlic ( optional)

Onion ( optional)

Bell peppers ( optional)

Spring onion (optional) You can use Cilantro for garnishing


Detailed method to make Mushroom rice :

  • Heat chili oil in a pan.

  • Add Garlic If you are using it.

  • Add chopped onion and saute for a few minutes. (i did use here bell pepper coz I don't eat onion garlic so if you even please skip onion garlic in the process )

  • Now at this stage add mushrooms and saute mushrooms well until all mushrooms are completely dry.

  • Add now schezwan chili paste, sugar, say sauce, and salt.

  • Mixed all together nicely.

  • Once you mix well nicely add cooked rice and mix again everything.

  • Always taste before you serve.

  • And lastly, garnish with cilantro or spring onion.

  • Serve hot.

  • Enjoy


mushrrom rice pdf
Download PDF • 302KB

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