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A little bit about Myself
A woman with her son

Hello, Namaste, and welcome. My name is Dipa Patel. I am the wife of such a supportive husband and the mother of a 13-year-old son. and I live in the lovely country of South Africa. I've always been a housewife since I married. I never thought of doing anything, and I never thought of starting a blog.

After a few years, I realized, and I heard somewhere else as well, that as humans, we are not only meant to do one thing. So, yes, I'm here today. And I was feeling extremely overwhelmed as I was writing this.

So, I'd like to introduce myself as a food blogger. On my blog, you'll find simple and delicious vegetarian recipes, as well as tips and ideas for keeping your home and family organized. Ideas such as how to make a meal plan, how to make your morning routine less chaotic, and so on. 

My vision is to provide you with delicious recipes as well as tips on how to stay organized without stress so that you can enjoy the journey that you are on with your wonderful family.

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