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Kiwi Chia Pudding

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

This Kiwi coconut chia pudding is a healthy breakfast or snack that you can prep ahead of time. This is a lovely combination of sour and creamy and sweet flavors.

This kiwi chia pudding is very easy and super delicious and even your family members also will enjoy it.

Generally, people don't like to have coconut milk but trust me this way they enjoy it after they can't even complain about coconut milk.

This kiwi chia pudding you can make for your breakfast or you can have it for snack time.

You know I was not a real fan of chia seed before but since I start to have it in my regular days and mostly I started to like it when I made this pudding and after I m like a become crazy fan.

But you know what is so special to make me a crazy fan of kiwi chia pudding that I used here coconut milk and I like coconut milk so much. So normally when I make any drink where I have to use milk I always use coconut milk.

This recipe is perfect for meal prep. You just need the big mason jar filled with chia seed with coconut milk in the fridge overnight. and you can enjoy this in next morning With your favorite toppings.

If you have kids I promise they will be big fans coz I have experienced this my son doesn't like chia seed before whenever he sees me eat chia he always makes face like he just hates it.

But one day I make this chia pudding and after he will become a fan of chia pudding

And he will enjoy his chia pudding with his favorite fruits and he add some crunchies also.

This recipe is so perfect for vegan and healthy breakfast recipes.

Serving suggestion

You can turn this kiwi chia seed pudding into a balanced and healthy breakfast by adding extra toppings.

I always serve this with seasonal fruits and you also can add fresh fruit as an additional topping or you can add some crunchiness to this like my son.

For some crunch, I like to add some homemade granola, coconut flakes, or some walnuts or pecan nuts

To keep, these toppings crunchy add this topping just before serving.

What ingredient you will need for this recipe.

You will be so amazed that how easy this recipe is to make kiwi chia pudding. with regular ingredients.

Coconut milk

Chia seed

Maple Syrup

Fresh kiwi


Comparison between light and full-fat coconut milk

Light coconut milk and full-fat coconut milk are essentially the same things. Extra water is added into the light coconut milk I use here light coconut milk so you don't need extra water to add to this kiwi chia pudding.

But always can use full-fat milk also just add little water for the right consistency.

What I suggest here is try to make small portions and try everything different way so after 2 to 3 try you will understand what is best for you that after you can do whatever you like.

This kiwi chia pudding is not sugar-free I used here maple syrup but you can make this sugar-free also but because of kiwi's sourness, I add here some sweetness. you can use vanilla essence or even sugar also.


So let's jump straight to the recipe

Step 1 - Mix and chill.

Firstly in a mixing bowl add chia seed and mix with coconut milk. . Then mix, them all together and let it rest for 20 to 30 minutes or if you making it for your next day just fridge it overnight.

Give this mixture a good stir to make sure it's fully combined.

Step2 - Make a kiwi sauce.

I used here fresh kiwi but you always can use frozen kiwi also. First Chopped some fresh kiwi into small pieces and in a bowl mash fresh kiwi pieces using a spoon. it's not going to take more time just used more ripe kiwi. so you can feel some sweetener also in kiwi.

Step 3 - Mix some sweetener.

It's optional when you make chia pudding but I make here kiwi chia pudding so I used here some sweetener.

I use here maple syrup. So Add maple syrup now chill chia pudding and mixed well. or you can add this before also I guess that works best. But even after also

You can use vanilla essence or honey or sugar also for some sweetener.

Step 4 - Put it all together.

Finally, serve this chia pudding on top of kiwi sauce and enjoy.

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Kiwi Chia seed Pudding
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