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Rice Noodles stir fry

Rice noodles stir fry is a perfect combination of rice noodles and colorful vegetables.

You can add protein and vegetables and make them your own in less than 30 minutes.

What I love about this dish is I can add any vegetable here. This means if I m craving to eat rice noodles stir fry then don't need to go out I just use vegetables whatever I have in the fridge. and seasoning is also very simple.

This noodle is a very tastier and healthier version. And most important that you can make this so quick and there are not many dishes also left for you to wash after you finished eating.

Noodles are so famous in every Asian house. Asian can have noodles any time in the day either for lunch, dinner, or breakfast. But it's true noodles you have at any time just need some craving.

What are rice vermicelli noodles?

Rice vermicelli is a thin form of noodles. It s sometimes referred to as rice noodles or rice sticks but should not be confused with cellophane noodles a different Asian type of vermicelli made from mung bean starch or rice starch rather than rice grain themselves.

Info: Wikipedia

Rice noodles you can add to stir fry soup. It's white thin, round string texture. You can buy grocery store

Please note I share so many recipes on my

The ingredient you will need:

Noodles :

I use rice vermicelli noodles here in this recipe. Coz it's super easy to find and you can easily buy whatever you want to.

But always can substitute with any noodles like flat rice noodles, glass noodles.

Just make sure and read the proper instructions given on the packet on how to cook noodles. But what I suggest here is we always do as they told us but rice noodles are not like pasta its cook so quickly so make sure to check. Don't leave the place when you boiled rice noodles. It won't take long to cook.


Cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, mushroom, bean sprout, and green beans all goes well with stir fry. Even broccoli.

Feel free to use any of your favorite veggies in this.

My tip here does not through all vegetables at one time in a wok, Just make sure first you have to add the hard vegetables and later the soft ones.

Even you can use mix veg packet also.


You can use protein here if you wish to add extra something. If you are a vegetarian can use paneer or tofu or if you are non-vegetarian then you go ahead with chicken and prawns.

Stir fry sauce :

You need only 2 sauces here. Light soy sauce and dark soy sauce. Add sesame oil to bring enhance in this dish.

To make a family dinner you can serve this with hot and sour soup or wonton soup and some crispy chili chips.

Ingredients :

  • Rice Noodles

  • Chopped Green pepper

  • Grated carrot

  • Chopped cabbage

  • Salt

  • Light soy sauce

  • dark soy sauce

  • Red chili sauce

  • Green chili sauce

  • Rice vinegar

  • Sesame oil

  • Red chili powder

Method :

  • Boiled rice noodles according to packet instruction.

  • Cut, Chopped, and grate all veggies.

  • You can go ahead with bell pepper and broccoli also.

  • Now heat oil in a wok. Use sesame oil but you can use vegetable oil also.

  • Once the oil is hot add green pepper and saute for a few minutes and add carrot and saute again for a few minutes.

  • Now add Cabbage and saute for a few seconds on high heat.

  • Add now salt and all sauce one-time mix well.

  • Now add rice noodles and mixed everything nicely.

  • And cook it for a few minutes until rice noodles soak all flavor. It won't take too much time.

  • Now our stir rice noodles are ready to serve.

  • Serve hot and enjoy.

  • Let me know in the comment what other vegetables would you like to add.

Rice Noodles Sitr Fry Pdf
Download PDF • 1.22MB

Let me know in the comment how to do you like it. Please do follow me on my other social platform also

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