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Welcome Drink

This is my first post on internet so first recipe is from me to you Strawberry mojito.


Introduction :

Hey, how are you? Hope you doing well .

I m so excited and as well as so overwhelmed when I m writing this for you, coz this is my first ever blog post on internet. And I feel so lucky to share with you .

Welcome drink:

Today I m sharing here Strawberry mojito recipe as welcome drink from me to you. Sound refreshing !! Yes it is refreshing drink . May b you think you know this recipe but sometimes we forget that simple recipes also can make our days special , right?

Few thing to know about strawberry:

Strawberry are full of vitamins and fibers . And Strawberry are sodium free , fat free, cholesterol free, and low calories food.



Yes now I know you also excited to see what's in my recipe . So let's straight dive in into the ingredients.

Only couple thing you need and your few minutes and big smile on your face while you making this. This non-alcoholic drink makes you fresh and happy while you enjoy this drink or may b you family also can join .

What's in Strawberry mojito :

Just 4 simple ingredients and that you will find easily .

Strawberries , ice , sugar syrup , few mint leaves , soda water or if you want you can add ginger ale .

How to make Strawberry mojito :

Strawberry Mojito

Prep time : 5 Min

Total time: 5 Min

Ingredients :


Crushed ice

Few mint leaves

Sugar syrup

Soda or ginger ale ( optional)

Strawberry slice and few mint leaves for garnish


1) Pour sugar syrup in glass approximate 4 tablespoon

2) Add cut strawberries pieces and chopped mint leaves and use muddle to mixed together

3)Add crushed ice

4) Add soda or ginger ale

5) Stir gentle to combine

6) Garnish with slice strawberry and mint leaves


I hope you like this refreshing drink. Did you make this then Snap a picture and mention on here


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