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Potato Pesto Salad

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

Potato Pesto salad is super yummy with side dishes that you can make within 20 minutes and if you already have boiled potato then this recipe you can make within 10 minutes.

Simple and with few ingredients, this potato pesto salad is perfect for easy entertaining meal ideas.

Potato pesto salad- The ultimate summer side

I m such a foodie person who is looking always for delicious recipes. And looking always for recipes that I can use for my family gathering function or some events. And this bright and zesty potato pesto salad is sure the kind of dish that I m sure everyone can enjoy.

In this recipe, I used hung curd but you can always use mayo inside of the curd. It also works best for this recipe.

This pesto potato salad recipe is incredibly forgiving, meaning you can go as simple or you can go with some extra toppings also to make this dish even more delicious.

What to serve with potato pesto salad

This salad with about anything hot off the grill. It is also a delicious complement to sandwiches of all sorts. or you can serve this as a side dish also. or you can just have it alone that also goes perfectly. You can sever this with burgers and .sandwiches or with soup also.



  • Potatoes such as red potatoes baby potatoes or any kind of potatoes are best for potato salad.

  • Just Make sure not to overcook the potatoes or the salad will turn too much. otherwise, potatoes be mashed so quickly and we don't get the desired recipe that we looking for.


  • For the pesto, just mixed everything in the mixer and make it a coarse paste and use in this recipe.

  • Baby spinach, Fresh coriander, Walnuts, Olive oil, Salt.

  • . You can use here Basil leaves, pine nuts, or any kind of nuts, that you used to make pesto that you can use here.

  • Even you can use processed cheese in this recipe to make your pesto. ( I did not use)

Lemon :

  • Fresh lemon juice adds bright top notes to the creamy potato slates.


  • Yogurt makes these potatoes to give a more creamy texture with pesto. You can use here mayonnaise also Instead of thick yogurt.


Much of this recipe can be made in advanced prep.

  • Place the potatoes in a large pot with enough water to cover the potatoes. add a generous amount of salt. Bring water to a boil. Cook until potatoes are tender. use a fork or knife to check whether potatoes are don't or not. Do not overcook, or your potato salad may be mushy.

  • Drain and let it cool enough to handle it. and then cut the potato into medium dice.

Assemble Potato pesto salad

  • In the large mixing bowl combine pesto lemon juice and curd and stir well until it's mixed well.

  • Now add potatoes and stir well until all potatoes are well coated.

  • Garnish with fresh coriander or, or mint leaves, or you can sprinkle some nuts over that.

  • Serve cold And enjoy.

Potato Pesto Salad Pdf
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