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Papaya salad

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

I m here with a delicious and amazing Papaya salad recipe. I m not sure about you but I know I could never get tired of these salad recipes. I prefer the freshness of seasonal fruit so whatever you can find just try it with that and make delicious salad recipes.

That's why I am always greedy to learn a new recipe and try it all. If I like it and I like to share it with you all.

I m so into Asian flavors for a couple of months. Ever since I look at all Asian recipes and find a veg version and once I found I make recipes to my taste.

So One day I found a Thai salad recipe and after that, I always try all the salad recipes Thai traditional way. So no matter if I make a veg salad or fruit salad.

So here I m today with the papaya salad recipe but I didn't make it like the original traditional way this is a very simple quick recipe that I create and believe even if you going to eat it first you also going to fall in with this salad. And I provide you with all information and explanation to make sure you can master this amazing delicious salad. This is also very healthy, so you will enjoy it.

This recipe has so many variations means that you can make it your way also. You can add your favorite veggies also, and even the dressing that you like.

How to make :

We need raw papaya or not too ripe papaya. And some cucumber carrot and dressing I make my own and that's it.


Let me share this recipe in detail with my dressing.

Let's start


  • Papaya ( take a little hard one )

  • Cucumber

  • Carrot

  • Cilantro/ Coriander


  • Sesame oil

  • Maple syrup

  • Salt

  • Rice vinegar or white vinegar

  • Lemon juice

  • Crushed black pepper

  • Red chili flakes

  • White and black sesame seed for garnish

Now mixed all dressing ingredients and mixed well. Keep it aside.


  • First, wash properly all veggies you going to use in this salad and let them dry or wipe with clean clothes or a kitchen towel.

  • Now cut the papaya into thin sliced.

  • And the same way cut cucumber and carrot.

  • Chopped some fresh coriander. Coriander gives this salad extra enhancement. and taste.

  • Now In a big bowl take all veggies and papaya and pour over the dressing.

  • The next step mixed well nicely.

  • Sprinkle some white and black sesame seed over for garnish and it tastes well also.

  • Now salad is ready to serve.

  • Serve and enjoy.

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