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Green Goddess Salad

This Green goddess salad is all over TikTok, made famous by @bakedbymelissa. Her Tiktok recipe went viral but unfortunately, I never knew this before until I saw this recipe on one of my favorite, talented, beautiful bloggers called @myhealthydish. I m following her and I see this video on her page and I thought let me try on my way also. And it came out really delicious.

This recipe combines crunchy green veggies with green goddess salad dressing.

This salad is super healthy and still delicious. And it will add more flavor when we use nuts inside. I love almonds in this recipe. I can taste and feel the crunchiness of almonds.

Why you'll love this green goddess salad :

  • The salad is loaded with veggies and still yummiest.

  • It's more delicious with a version of guacamole.

  • You can have a salad or a dip. either way still found it yummy.

  • Healthy, Crunchy.

Ingredients details :

  • Cabbage: One small cabbage is enough. But make sure it's little hard means buy a fresh one.

  • Cucumber: Use small, baby cucumbers so they are fresh and crunchy more.

  • Baby Spinach: We need this baby spinach to make salad dressing.

  • Avocado: Avocados must be fresh and take a big one.

  • Almond: Some for more crunchiness.


  • Cabbage

  • Cucumber

  • Baby Spinach

  • avocado

  • almonds

  • Salt

  • Olive Oil

  • Lemon Juice

  • Green Chili ( Optional)

How to make this green goddess salad :

Here are some quick instructions. For detailed instructions check out my Recipe card pdf. Don't forget to download it.

  • Step 1: Combine all salad ingredients.

  • Step 2: Combine all dressing ingredients in the processer. And grind it well. Make it a nice paste and creamy form.

  • Step 3: Pour this dressing over the green chopped salad.

  • Step 4: mix everything very well.

  • Step 5: Serve and enjoy.

Tips :

  • Use a sharp knife to cut your veggies. It makes perfect pieces if we use the correct one.

  • If you making green goddess dressing in a blender add liquid first.

  • If you want some heat on this salad then add one jalapeno that adds a little heat to this salad.


  • Almonds - Cashew - Walnuts

  • Spinach - Basil leaves

  • Rice Vinegar - white vinegar

Green Godess Salad Pdf
Download PDF • 1.41MB

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