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Delicious Kadhi Pakora ( potato Pakora)

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Kadhi recipe is a family recipe in every Indian house and it tastes super delicious.

This fabulous kadhi pakora recipe is originally from Punjab so it's a Punjabi dish Kadhi with onion pakora. That's why it's called kadhi pakora.

But here I m going to twist you with potato pakora. So these crispy potato pakora (fritters) are dunked in spiced savory, tangy yogurt sauce.

In my family, we love to eat kadhi with or without pakora.


About Kadhi recipe:

Kadhi for those who are not aware is a dish made with yogurt and besan.

The Hindi kadhi word denotes a yogurt sauce that has been slow-cooked for quite some time. The word "pakora" means fritters made from gram flour( besan/ Chana flour).

There are many variations of making kadhi in northern and western Indian cuisines. Even though the spices and herbs added are different but the yogurt sauce is mostly thickened with gram flour.

The curd that is used to make kadhi is sour. As a result, the dish has a sour, spiced, creamy



Let's begin first with making curd slurry :

  • In a bowl take sour curd and whisk it well till smooth.

  • Add gram flour and salt and whisk curd again.

  • Add water and stir again.

  • Stir very well smooth mixture without lumps. If there are lumps then break them with a spatula or with your fingers. Set the curd slurry aside.


I m sharing my absolute fav way to make the best kadhi pakora at home.

This kadhi pakora :

  • Taste just like the one from your favorite dhaba (restaurant).

  • Is spicy and so flavorful.

  • Have fritters made with a potato?

  • Taste even better when you eat it as soon as it's served.



  • Use sour yogurt if possible.

Usually, I prefer using old yogurt for my kadhi. The one that isn't freshly made and tastes sour. That works best with kadhi.

  • Add lots of ginger paste to this recipe.

This is as a personal preference but I love the flavor of ginger in my kadhi. So recommendable.

  • How to prevent kadhi from splitting.

  • Use room-temperature yogurt. Take out the yogurt from the fridge and let it sit for some time at room temperature before you use it.

  • whisk the yogurt well before adding the batter.

  • I usually whisk the room-temperature yogurt first and then add besan to it.

  • Stir kadhi continuously until it comes to the first boil.


  • Now let's jump straight into the recipe.

  • Making potato pakora (fritters):

  • Grate potatoes thinly. And wash that 2 to 3 times. This process will remove excess potato starch.

  • Now use your hand to squeeze the potato to remove excess water from it.

  • Add ginger paste, salt, Dhana Jira powder, crushed Dhana, Chana flour yogurt, and Turmeric powder( Haldi powder).

  • Mix well all together nicely. Add if you need water but make sure we don't need so much water to make this batter.

  • Noe heat oil in the pan to fry these fritters until they turn crispy and brown.

  • Our potato pakora is ready.

Making Kadhi :

  • Heat oil in a pot. Add whole Jira, dry red chilies ( Cut into half).

  • Add chopped tomato, ginger paste, red chili powder, dhania jeera powder, and turmeric powder.

  • Stir nicely until tomatoes turn soft.

  • At this stage add curd slurry.

  • And let it boil. Stir continuously until it's done.

  • Now take this kadhi in a bowl and add potato fritters.

  • Your kadhi pakora is ready to serve.

  • So served hot and enjoy.

You can enjoy this kadhi pakora with rice also or with roti. Just recommend you.

Potato pakora pdf
Download PDF • 765KB

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