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Cauliflower wings

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Have you ever tried cauliflower wings? No! Don't worry even though I am also like you that there are so many recipes out there and we still don't know but that is also true that we can't try everything right. so my main intense as a food blogger is that love to try all kinds of cuisine and different types of recipes and once I love it so then I share it here.

Do you know we can make cauliflower recipes in so many ways one of the recipes I m sharing here today with you? and is Cauliflower wings and I m so excited about this. They are so delicious that I made 2 recipes using cauliflower wings.

But you can have it just like that also like Bhajia.

If you haven't tried this cauliflower wing please do try it out.

These cauliflower wings are so perfect comfort food. It's super easy to make and they are so delicious.

I love cauliflower wings. It's so yummy believe me. And you can just enjoy the way they are or you can use these wings in so many ways. You can add these cauliflower wings to the kid's lunch box or you can have them with pita bread or you can make it warp also using cauliflower wings.

For those who have never heard of cauliflower wings. Cauliflower wings are kind of like chicken wings but they are made out of cauliflower florets.

This is so simple recipe that you enjoy. It's just a few steps and there you go. delicious wings on your plate.

Dip cauliflower wings into the batter and roll them in cornflakes crumbs. And fry them.

You can do air fry also or you can bake also.

Just serve as it is with any kind of dipping sauce and chutney.


These cauliflower wings are so amazing for appetizers or snacks or you can serve them like a delicious side dish.

Ingredient for this delicious cauliflower wings.

You will find all ingredients in this cauliflower wings recipe in any more regular grocery store.

You will need

  • Cauliflower

  • All-purpose flour

  • Red chili powder

  • Salt

  • Black pepper powder

  • Origanum

  • Corn flakes crumbs

  • Oil for frying

As always you can find the full ingredient list and recipe instructions on separate downloadable recipe boxes at the end of this post.


1) Carefully cut cauliflower into florets.

2) In a large bowl combines all-purpose flour water, salt red chili powder black pepper powder, and stir it well combined.

3) In another bowl take cornflake crumbs.

4) Dip florets into the batter so they are completely coated.

5)Now take them out and roll into cornflake crumbs and fry them in hot oil.

6) Fry them until they turn brown and crispy.

Take them out and serve with your favorite dipping sauce or any chutney or have it just like that.

7) Cauliflower wings are ready and enjoy.

Extra tips:

1) You can use these wings to make any kind of wrap.

2) Or you can have this in pita bread.

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