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Buttery Noodles with herb

One thing you all need to know about me is that I like noodles so much. So I try all kinds of noodles recipes whether it's Maggi or Maggi recipe or any kinda noodle or either spaghetti noodles or soba noodles and rice noodles or glass noodles. I love to have all kinds of noodles. And I can eat noodles every day for sure if someone offers me.

So today I m sharing a very simple noodles recipe with you. It's almost Aglio e olio type but not exactly what we going to make today's buttery noodles Coz we using extra butter in this recipe. And this recipe is so simple that you can make these noodles within 10 to 15 minutes.

And nowadays kids like to have or w so busy with our weekday's schedule so we this recipe is perfect for everyone. And I m very pretty sure everyone will enjoy it.

So this is a simple, quick, and easy-to-make recipe but yet so delicious.

This is so basic recipe so the ingredient also basic

What you will need,

Ingredient :

  • Noodles I m using here @fatti's & Moni's Bugatini Hollow Spaghetti

  • Butter @Rama

  • Ginger paste

  • Fresh chopped Red chili

  • Salt

  • Mixed herb or organic

  • Black pepper

  • Basil


  • Boiled noodles or spaghetti according to package instructions. Make sure you have reserved some water. we use that later in this recipe.

  • Heat a pan and add butter to that.

  • Once butter melts add ginger paste and chopped red chili.

  • Saute for a min.

  • Add noodles or spaghetti into that.

  • Now add some reserved noodles water, salt black pepper, herb, or oregano.

  • Mixed well nicely and let it cook for 4 to 5min more.

  • Now at this stage add more butter to these noodles, let the butter melt, and cook it more for while.

  • Lastly, add some fresh basil into this.

  • You can add some red chili flakes also it's optional.

  • Noodles are ready to serve.

  • Serve hot.

  • Enjoy.

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Buttery Noodles pdf
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