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Brinjal curry/ bharta

Brinjal curry, also known as eggplant curry, is a delicious and popular dish in many cuisines around the world. It is made using brinjals (eggplants/aubergines) cooked in a flavorful sauce with various spices, herbs, and sometimes other vegetables.

This is a brinjal bharta recipe and we called it in Gujarati ringan nu bhartu. Brinjal bharta is a fuss-free and simple side dish to make at home.

Brinjal also known as eggplant or aubergine is roasted on fire till it is charred, mashed well, and then cooked along with some other vegetables and Indian spices.

Brinjal bharta is a very simple and delicious meal either for lunch or dinner or to pack in the lunch box for the office or school.

Each house has its own version of making this brinjal bharta. And here I m sharing my way of doing it which happens to have a without onion-garlic flavor.

When I made this last month trust my son usually doesn't like brinjal but he enjoys this curry.


Brinjal curry/bharta recipe step by step


  • Brinjals (eggplants/aubergines): Choose fresh and firm ones without any blemishes.

  • Bell peppers: Chopped or pureed

  • Tomatoes: Chopped or pureed.

  • Ginger Paste: A crushed ginger.

  • Green Chilies: Finely chopped (adjust according to your spice preference).

  • Spices: Common spices used include cumin seeds, coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chili powder, and garam masala.

  • Fresh coriander leaves: Chopped for garnishing.

  • Oil: Usually vegetable oil, but you can use your preferred cooking oil.

  • Salt: To taste.

  • Curd: Curd makes this more delicious

  • Water or vegetable stock: For the curry base.


  1. Wash brinjal make deep cuts or slit all around it using a sharp knife.

  2. Smear a few drops of oil all around the eggplant. Roast directly over the flame and turn around so the skin gets charred and the inside of the brinjal gets cooked well.

  3. And then keep it in one big vessel and cover it for half an hour so still gets cooked more.

  4. Now after half an hour peel of charred part and mash the brinjal using a fork or potato masher but I used a chopping machine. Keep aside.

  5. Now heat a pan with oil. Season with cumin seed and let it crackle Now add ginger paste and chopped green chili and saute for a few minutes.

  6. Add bell peppers and cook over medium flame until it becomes soft.

  7. Now Add tomatoes and all masala red chili powder, dhana jeera powder, turmeric, salt to taste, and garam masala, and cook it until all flavor comes together.

  8. And add water as the desired consistency and cook until the oil separates from the gravy.

  9. Now add mashed brinjal and mix well and cover it with a lid and cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.

  10. Now lastly add curd to this. curd makes this recipe more delicious. Mix it well

  11. And lastly, add chopped coriander.

  12. Enjoy with rice, roti, or naan.

Hope you like it. Mention @dipapatelofficial with a picture 

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