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Amazing useful kitchen tips

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Isn't it, we all want to save our time in the kitchen. Even if you cook as I do, you try your best to save your time and I think somehow you can also save your money as well where possible. Right?

Believe me, I m not like this before, but after spending so many years as a housewife, I just started feeling like so unorganized person. But I change little in my routine, Though I'm still learning some.

Now I always looking for some kitchen shortcuts. That's why I love to learn different time-saving tips n tricks which I use in my kitchen time. You might know some of this but tell me did you even try

Trust me to start with a small step.


I m so excited here to share with you these amazing tips that make you more perfect and hassle-free work.

  • Always set a list for a meal plan and do a weekly plan based on your choice.

I never did before this. But since I start doing believe me you become such a relaxed person. As you start to make meal plans you feel the change in your daily routine as well as you save your most time.

  • Always check the pantry and fridge before you make your meal plan.

It must be. Coz that's how you can use your leftover meal or some veggies in the fridge and most you don't buy extra groceries.

  • Clean as you go.

This trick I learned after so many years. Once you start cleaning as you finish your cooking you won't spend much time doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen after finishing your meal.

  • Start with simple.

Mean by that always start with some simple recipes. Especially if you are a beginner. Though it takes time but trusts me one day you will be there.

  • Read whole instructions of recipes before actually starting.

Coz once you know the whole recipe you get ideas what ingredients you'll need, what pots and how long it takes, and everything. So this is important.

  • Put everything on the kitchen countertop before you start.

Once you put there every ingredient so you know exactly this much is going to be in recipes. So you don't struggle and start thinking like " Oh my god! I want 500 ml milk and I only have this little much. Now, what must I do? you see.

  • Always wear an apron.

It is important to cover your clothes and hands when necessary.

  • Always make a recipe binder.

Much needed Even I m also that type of person who forgets to write sometimes and I go again and again to check the rest of the recipe.

  • Always keep cheese (all types).

This is a game-changer item.

  • Always stock lemon.

lemon juice is jazz up your meal. It makes it taste fresh again

  • Chop everything before you put the stove on.

I suggest here when you make a meal plan and bring everything then take out some time and cut all vegetable and another thing what you need for rest of week so when you cook you have that handy. But if you not doing this then make sure you cut every vegetable and keep other things ready before going on to the pot.

  • Put dishes away immediately.

This trick is just to start doing from last 2 months and trust me once you start doing this you feel so calm when you entered your kitchen.

  • Taste as you go.

It is the only way to know if the seasoning is right or not.

  • Do not store Big appliances on the kitchen countertops.

Always store your slow cooker, instant pot, air fryer, food processer in the pantry or cupboards.

  • Do not keep nonkitchen items in the kitchen.

I suggest there, keep one empty basket in the kitchen. So whenever you found something nonkitchen-related item put it on that basket, and once you are done with your kitchen work Take that basket and remove it from everything, and put it back where it belongs.

  • Put a dish towel or damp paper towel under your cutting board.

That's how it won't slip when you cut something.

  • Rub a salt with lemon on your wooden cutting board.

Rub salt with lemon makes your wooden cutting board germ and smell free.

  • Always label everything

This trick you must apply. It's so easy to find everything even if you are not at home so your family members find easily so make this habit to label everything.

  • Turn your music up and always have fun in the kitchen.

This is last but most important always cheer up yourself in any situation whether you are in the kitchen or doing other house chores. And remember no matter if you do not have some preparation in the kitchen the, music will give you charge.


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